Saturday, April 2, 2011

How To Safely Clean Your Children’s Toys With Natural Steps

Your child is the most important person in your life. We know that children love toys. We all know which toys is loved by our children. You can not stop children's toys from getting dirty and you cannot stop baby's from putting things in their mouths. You can take natural steps to assure that you safely clean your children's toys. It is very important to know how to safely clean your children's toys. Luckily, keeping toys clean is easy. You just have to get into the habit. So how do you keep them clean? Here are some simple ways to clean baby toys and keep the baby safe.

1. Cleaning plastic baby toys, tethers and anything wooden baby toys
The easiest way to clean and disinfect everything in this category is by mixing equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water. Mix and put them in a spray bottle and use it like any other cleaning product. Spray and wipe the toys. Vinegar is a great all purpose cleaner. It is antibacterial and much milder than antibacterial wipes or cleansers. Vinegar solutions can be used for much of the general cleaning like wiping the seats and handlebars on wheely bug ride on toys, play tables and chairs and even larger toys.
You can also simply wash your non-electronic plastic toys as you would dishes: soak them for a few minutes in antibacterial dish soap, rinse thoroughly and dry.

2. Cleaning stuffed animals, stuffed toys and white things
Things in this category are not so easily wiped clean. Be sure to first read care labels on stuffed toys before cleaning them. If there are no washing instructions to follow (or rip you off like most people do), chances are you can throw them in the washer with baking soda and vinegar. If they are dirty, sprinkle baking soda on the stains and let sit for awhile before washing. Most stuffed toys can be dried in the dryer as well.
How to clean your white things like teddy bears and fluffy toys dogs? Spritz some lemon juice on the stain and set it out in the sun. The sunshine will naturally bleach out the stains.

3. Cleaning crayons at some point
You are bound to have to clean up a crayon mess. Using white toothpaste and a toothbrush will generally get the crayon off of most items. It needs to be white toothpaste and not bleaching toothpaste.

4. Cleaning baby bottles and diaper pails
Deodorizing baby bottles can be done with baking soda. Fill the bottles with water and then add a teaspoon of baking soda to each bottle. Shake them well and then rinse. Baking soda can also be used to neutralize diaper pails.

5. Cleaning with steaming
One of the best and easiest ways to clean all of your baby's toys is to steam them with a portable steamer such as Shark steam pocket. Steaming not only kills germs, it helps the toys look bright longer. First, clean any soiled spots with a damp rag. Lay the toys on a blanket or towel and steam them individually on all sides.

Toys should be on a regular cleaning schedule to ensure your child's safety and health. Most toys only need to be cleaned once a month. Naturally, you may have to change your schedule if a toy gets especially dirty. Also, after a bout of illness, toys like stuffed animals should be washed. You do not have to be that vigilant and while bleach solutions are safe, you can keep it more natural with vinegar.


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