Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to getting baby to sleep through the night?

My wife and I sometimes feel uneasy. Every time when bedtime arrives tonight for my child, my first feeling tired. My daughter, Farah, this time have trouble sleeping. It took a long time to put her to sleep. And before that she was a regular bedtime. Sometimes I wonder what the cause. Maybe this is not just my experience, but also all the parents. One of the challenges for mothers or parents is at the time of going to sleep their children who was a baby or toddler. And it is not uncommon for parent who need time 1-2 hours, even more especially when it comes to bedtime.

However, you don’t despair handle the attitudes of children who are difficult to sleep, because I have some tricks you can implement when will lull your baby and getting baby to sleep through the night.

See the signs
Although children still “drown” in their activities (playing), but it is not possible if the child is tired. See some characters, such as yawning, rubbing eyes or cry (whine). If one or more of the signs were already visible, it is likely that he was sleepy.

Cleaning up
Make sure your baby bed has been cleaned, so while he was getting sleepy, soon came to bed and clean his room. In addition, make sure your baby sleep in a clean condition, ensuring clean diaper (if still wearing diapers), as well as his body. If necessary, substitute baby clothes with sleepwear (pajamas), to sleep more comfortably.

Accompany your child
If your child has not turned a blind eye and continue to cry, even though it is in the mattress, keep trying to accompany the child until they really slept. (Don’t be like me while accompanying my child to sleep, even I fell asleep from exhaustion first, ha .. ha ..). If you've found the little closed his eyes, do not rush you happy first, because it could “trick” the little guy. Therefore, stay at least 10 minutes after he had gone to sleep to make sure your baby is asleep.

If your baby is asleep, you can leave it on the bed and back on your activities (if you have not tired). However, check every 5 or 10 minutes or so, the condition of the child in his bed, to ensure safety (against the mosquitoes that naughty) and sleep soundly. If your baby suddenly fussy but still with eyes closed, simply by stroking his hand or pat gently butt baby to soothe him. 

What about your child? If you have a different opinion about how to getting baby to sleep through the night, please write into the comment field. Thanks.


  1. This is something my wife and I struggled with our first child. the poor girl was constantly sick from day care, and didn't sleep through the night until we pulled her from daycare and kept her home with a nanny.

    It helped that she was eating on a schedule, and had enough nourishment to get her through the night. I read somewhere that babies need at least 1 oz per hour on average, or at a minimum 24 oz of milk or formla a day before you can try to get them to sleep through the night, with our daughter, it was more like 28-30 oz per day before should get through.

  2. Thanks for your opinion. It was the same as the current condition of my child. My daughter will fall asleep after drinking formula. But I also heard the view that children without milk before bedtime, because it will affect the weight later. I'm still thinking about it, I have to think along with the growth of my daughter can sleep without the milk formula.


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