Friday, April 8, 2011

Make an interesting game with your baby

Entering the age of 6 months, let the baby play in the sitting position, but still need support. The situation is more fun than having to lay down position, because he used his hands and arms to reach things in different ways. Join him playing a variety of objects (plastic), such as cups, plates, glasses, etc. Your baby will start to combine the hand, move, hold objects with both hands or a toy from hand to hand. Give him toys that are appropriate for the age and size, because if too large, difficulties in handling the baby, while too small to take a risk on the baby's mouth pose. Here are some interesting games are carried out with the baby :

1. Rabbit or other dolls. To act sit close to the baby and a rabbit from a conversation with him. If he tried to reach them, give the doll to him and bring him to move and act as a dubber. That your child is happy laughter.

2. Ball game. Place your baby on the mat and roll the ball gently to him. Note the expression of surprise and joy. The game also can do all three, in which the father is against teams of children and mothers. Mother would help throw the ball back into the father. Views of the rolling ball is a reassuring sight for the baby.

3. The hand puppets game. Enter your hand into a puppet, and keep your wrist so that the baby can see the puppet’s face. Surprise baby with a "peekaboo ...!" and sing his favorite song. When he tried to get the doll, give and let him play it.

Many ideas we use to play with our child. It is really needed is creativity and improvisation of parents without worrying about the voice acting is not melodic or less expressive. Togetherness while playing with his father or mother was very happy for your baby.

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