Monday, April 4, 2011

Choosing toys for babies through the establishment of age

The selection of toys that have to adapt to the child's age. Why? Infant from 0 to 12 months through the various stages that require the development of age appropriate toys. At this age your baby needs toys that sharpen sensory motor skills, such as : What is the balance, hearing, smell, taste, taste and touch. However, given the very limited capacity, the age of 0-12 months is kind of limited sense only. For example, if you enter the color, only sharpen his vision alone. So no need to be submitted to a solid ability to listen.This is because the child was not able to integrate with other capabilities.
But as we get older the child, their integration capabilities are increasingly complex, so we can add other skills such as verbal ability or physical ability.

Here are some small steps that have to do when choosing toys for your baby:

0-1 months: His senses are still very limited, he prefers toys with bright contrasting colors. Sounds and a plush toy more to their liking.

1-3 months: A little more mature with motor skills, babies prefer toys that can be held or played. Elastic and plastic toys can be bent, or elastic with parts that are moved to their liking can be.

3-6 months: At this time, babies begin teething, so that the world is a nice place to bite! Who could have toys made of plastic or rubber (not too small, as it can be added) Chewing the blocks with different colors and toys with a variety of voices is the best toy to attract the attention of infants.

6-9 months: Sitting at this age, babies usually start and crawl. Then, the colored balls and toys that move, which stimulates the baby to catch up, a toy that can be purchased.

9-12 months: Babies can now move forward with all efforts to do something to help him up and explore the area.

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