Saturday, April 9, 2011

Choosing the right toys for our children safer

Toys for toddlers not only keeps happy, also supports the development of body and soul. Have you ever experienced? I have a new habit, when the streets of the mall. Previously, he was visiting a bookstore or clothing store. Well, I always made time for more baby shop. In fact, many times I was in a corner shop, which displays a variety of baby toys for hours. There is a soft book with different textures and shapes of animals, there are also audio books produced by different types of sound produced. Not to mention the variety of dolls with a variety of sizes. I wanted to buy all the toys to Farah, my daughter as I write of this article is 23 months old.
But sometimes I get confused when deciding what toys to buy? Yes, because there is no right of all toys for children of Farah.

Choosing the right kind of toys for your child is the most important for your baby happy and safe course. Toddler toys are usually made of soft material and pure plastic to minimize the possibility of scratching, skin irritation and mild abrasion on child.

Toys are usually brightly colored and contrast for a child to steal the attention. Many toys, to produce a simple sound, to the attention of young children. The toys have to be bitten in order, are common to the process of teething babies.

So before you decide to buy toys, keep in mind to ensure some of the following safety guidelines to protect your child :
  1. Raw material toys may not cause irritation or injury to the child.
  2. Toys should not separate parts, which can be swallowed by children.
  3. Raw material toys do not contain cancer-causing substances (carcinogens)
  4. Toys should be washed to ensure cleanliness.
  5. Toys should be the product of an established company.

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