Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't take my toys...!

Feel the desire to own something is a human nature, therefore, children should be directed at an early age to a person not to be absorbed. The previous sentence is common to hear if your child plays with his little friend. It is actually normal, because deep down, people need to enjoy a sense of ownership of a great taste, good and defend, what to do. In toddlers you have to teach, how to start, something to share with others. It is also necessary to constantly promote the children to share to help and always repeat this lesson for your child grows.

If your child is outside the host at the time of playing together, prepared the activity. Explain that you wish he could share his toys while playing later games. However, to explain that a friend who attended and played in our homes, does not mean that they take home and have their toys. Explain the ways that does not mean our children are always suspicious of his playmate,  but for him to feel safe when playing with toys for other children.

If your child is still fussy, it may help if you promise to replace lost or damaged toys when playing later. Do not forget to explain even what is broken, because some children very carefully against the goods and demand excellence.

Sometimes, even the parents who does not want his son's expensive toy is touched by another child. This will affect the child to be defense against a friend who wants to play with him.

We recommend that if you have a toy that should not be used, you can save it first and explain clearly why save it.

Give examples

A small child can not distinguish what is called owning, borrowing, and request. Therefore, you have to explain for instance that if another child takes the goods, the item will be refunded. It works otherwise apply if your child wants to borrow a toy from his friend.

If both children are seen anyone grab a toy friend, you must intervene. Take these toys again firmly, but without anger, and return it to the child who should, saying that should not be seized here. If he wants a toy, he should wait his turn, requested by the other children in a good way, offering other toys to be exchanged or ask for your help.

There are times when circumstances do not control where your child or friend can notstop whining to ask for his turn, the best way, it is necessary to cool the situation by transferring to another game or elsewhere. If a toy is still up for grabs, you need to find another toy as a duplicate or equivalent, if they refuse, saying it is better to play the show ends when one of them did not move.

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