Thursday, April 14, 2011

When your child prefer a cell phone than his favorite toys

Addicted to cell phones is full of all societies. For example in my country, Indonesia, if the first mobile phone a luxury that can only be owned by some only, but now, ranging from domestic servants, rickshaw drivers, until the child had been so adept at fiddling with the phone.

A news have been published in a media reported that there is a father who was shocked while getting bills amounting to 22,000 dollars. Claim for cell phone use of his son, who is only 13 years has been caused.
Then, what if your child asked for buy cell phone, whether you will grant the request or reject them altogether? Whether we should buy a cell phone for children? Before a decision, you should read to some of the following considerations :

Need or not?

Did you see that at a young age, children already require mobile facilities? Or he'll “still fine" even without a phone in his hand? If it is still possible for him to contact you from a pay phone or a loan (for example, to request pick in school or tutoring), the phone is certainly not too necessary. You can certainly consider it if this is the time for children to have a cell phone.

Ask why

When the child whines, ask the phone as a reward because they managed to achieve good grades in school, then do not easily agreed. Instead of asking first, why the phone asked. From this, you can be sure to consider whether to grant. Of course you have to reject if the reason is because the child “because all my friends too ...” or “for it does not look out of date, mom”. The reason of this kind is obviously no strong reason for pocketing a cell phone, even damage the morals of the child (to be arrogant and likes to show off). But if there is a need for a positive implied, then you should not stop saying: "Yes”.

Can child believed?

In this issue, should not be blind to the assessment of the children. When the depth of your heart, you know that the child can not be trusted, then, of course, now is not the time to give them a personal cell phone.

You can judge the character and responsibility of children to the little things like how to perform tasks that are trivial at home. Are they responsible enough in small things? If so, then it means that trust and in terms of size. However, do not grant his wish, if they ignore the little things, despite their whining.

Don't forget the rules

When the child finally managed to convince you that they really need a cell phone and showed confidence, of course, continue to apply a clear rule for today's cell phones and costs in the path of wisdom used.

Some things have to subscribe to clear rules, including the impulses of the relationship of each month, and the prohibition of downloading things, the negative smells like mysticism, pornography, and premium messaging services/subscribe. Also always remember to care for the child and the right care for his cell phone. Point out from the beginning that you are entitled to phone back when you start to see abuse of the child.

Give as needed

The latter is adapted to cell phones on their needs (for calls and messages) to give. Remember, the more sophisticated phones that you provide, the greater the possibility of the virtual world and things into their lives without your knowledge.


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  1. Cell phones emit radiofrequencies (electromagnetic radiation) that can harm children's health. Kids are at greater risk because their small, developing brains absorb more radiation. Precautions regarding radiofrequency emissions are mentioned in the manuals of wireless "gadgets" including iPads. See